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You could do two stories with two versions and different images:
One for the Disney version and the other for the version of "Hello Kitty Animation Theater".This picture is perfect for the Disney Version.


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Flareon is quite jealous of Gallade.


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Mismagmius down the stairs.

Mismagmius:Go away! What annoyed!

The chambermaids of the castle run away.


Narrative voice:Like every day, the queen went to question her magic mirror.

Mismagmius:Mirror Mirror on the wall,who is the fairest of theme all?

Mirror:The fairest of theme all are you,my queen.But...


Mirror:The princess Gardevoir White is more beautiful.

Mismagmius:What?!GRRR,that anger.

She broke the vase

Mismagmius:This can not stand!I do not accept that Gardevoir White is considered more beautiful than me!GRRRRRRRRRR!

Narrative voice:The queen just could not control the hatred he felt for the little Gardevoir White.


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When the stories are cooming soon give me a whistle.


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Snow White is a very romantic story!


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It 'so romantic! You are about to kiss!


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But do not tell me, has a crush! He fell in love!


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Beedroom Scene:

Espeon:W-What is it?
Glaceon:I know who he is, is an evil monster that wants to devour in one gulp!
Umbreon:But what you say,Glaceon!Everyone knows that monsters do not exist!
Vapereon:We will send someone out.
Espeon:Flareon please,Would you be so kind as to kick away the ugly monster?
Flareon:ME?!But this monster is big and strong and I am small and weak,it may hurt me.
Jolteon:Stop being a fearful,Flareon.Now approached him and give him a good pan head.
Flareon:Ok,ok,now I go.
Espeon:Come on bring it on, coward!
Flareon:Ok,ok,I'm going,I'm going.Ok...Go ahead ... u-ugly m-monster ... I did not know that ... ... not afraid of you ...
Flareon:WAAAAAAH!Ah?Hey guys come in.
Vaporeon:What happens,Flareon.
Flareon:The one thing that we saw in the dark, was not an ugly monster that would devour us, but it was a beautiful maiden.


From my fantasy


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Please!Answer Me!


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Mismagmius:If this is so...I myself will cut Gardevoir White,with this poisoned apple!AHAHAHAH...


Gardevoir:It seems to me that the bread is out just fine, it is also a bit 'for you.

Pachirisu and the 2 Rattata:Ahahah...

Knock Knock ...

Gardevoir:Who can it be?

Knock Knock ...(x 2)

Mismagmius:Good morning, open the door, please.

Pachirisu and the 2 Rattata:Oh,oh,oh...

Gardevoir:Oh yes, you're right because the little Eeveelutions I had recommended not to open the door to anyone.

Mismagmius:Sweet maid, please open the door, I will give you a very good apple.

Gardevoir:Old lady I'm sorry, but I was recommended not to open the door to anyone.

Mismagmius:Then I'll be here by the window, but still I'll give you this beautiful apple, keep it, eat it too, is very good.

Gardevoir:But ...

Pachirisu and the 2 Rattata:Oh,oh,oh...

Mismagmius:Are you afraid that it is poisoned?Yum,that's it, you've seen? Not happened to me nothing, now eat it too slowly.

Gardevoir:Thank you very much Old lady, will eat his apple once.

(She faints)

Pachirisu and the 2 Rattata:WAHHH!

Mismagmius:IHIHIHIH...(She it unmasks)AHAHAHAH...

Pachirisu and the 2 Rattata:(They run on the hill)Anf...anf...anf...

Eeveelutions:What?!Gardevoir White?!

Mismagmius:My beloved mirror, tell me, who's the fairest of them all, now?

Mirror:My queen,the fairest are you.




The little seven Eeveelution deposed Gardevoir White in a glass reliquary and cried for a long time.But her beauty is buried in the ground prevented him from then carefully monitored.Until it came a gallant prince of a neighboring kingdom.

Gallade:What happens? Why you weep uncontrollably at?Oh...(He see Gardevoir)How beautiful!Tell me, this maiden is only sleeping, or ...

Without stop crying the little seven Eeveelutions told him what had happened.

Gallade:But this is terrible,Now please, I would love to kiss the princess Gardevoir White.

Eeveelutions:Sigh...sigh...(They lift the lid of the coffin)

Gallade:I wanted to meet you when you were still alive.






(Gardevoir wakes up)

Flareon:But this is wonderful!

Jolteon:Gardevoir White has awakened.

Leafeon:Gardevoir White is back with us.

Eeveelutions:HOORAY!Gardevoir White is back with us!HOORAY!


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For every spell there is always an antidote and Gallade knows what is the remedy against the curse by the stepmother made ​​with the poisoned apple, as he approaches his beloved to perform the last operation, already thinking about the happy life you will have for many many years with.




Gallade:Welcome back among us, my dear.

Gardevoir:Gallade,my hero...




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▲ ▲



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Hey! It's my modification of the original image! I'm honored to have it show up here.



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I think Toothless would make more sense as a salamence.

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